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About Bianca

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

I am self taught, though I always wanted to attend art school. I was told being an artist wasn’t a successful career path. I was misinformed! At 17 years of age I decided to enroll myself in Political Science and Pre-Law at our local University. This decision allowed me to have a better understanding of world ideologies, institutions, policies, processes and human behaviour which has had an impact on me as an artist. 

From a young age I always had a strong pull towards anything creative. I realized art was a source of happiness and remedy. I began my art journey as soon as I was able to lift a pencil. My mother would sit down and draw with me every day, unaware of the impact it was having. My initial creations consisted of beautiful women and terrifying monsters. My personality has always been one extreme or the other and so this duality revealed itself through my artistic preference and expression. 


In my younger years as a creative, I felt the overwhelming urge to draw on anything that had a surface, including my body. I was moved by stunning models and actresses as well as animated characters. I decided it was completely possible to transform myself into them. 

I began experimenting with makeup at 13 years old. I noticed how certain colours would flatter me and how shading could alter the appearance of bone structure. By my late teens I had acquired an impressive array of eyeshadows and lipsticks. I did not start experimenting on my friends until my 20’s and the word began to spread, “my friend Bianca can do makeup”. 

By 2019, with the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to register Bianca Artistry and offer makeup services. I have become very familiar with the wedding industry and I am so grateful for the countless brides who have contacted me and for the clientele I have built in such a short time. My makeup services are available for all special occasions. As well as commercial and editorial.

In 2020 I decided that as a business owner and makeup artist in Thunder bay, I needed to be more environmentally conscious. I decided to support brands that were either free of harsh chemicals, vegan, sustainably packaged and cruelty free or all of the above. Clean and ethical beauty is on the rise and I cannot wait to see it take over the cosmetic industry.

Not only do I offer bridal and commercial makeup applications, but creative makeup applications as well. I am a body painter and a practising special effects artist. I also create entire concept designs from outfits to headpieces to props. My body art is influenced by comic books, anime and artists in the film industry such as Tim Burton, Guillermo del Toro, H.R Giger, Stan Winston, Rick Baker and so much more.

Furthermore, I have added Beauty photography to my repertoire. After applying makeup, I thought it would be beneficial to also have control over the lighting, editing and overall look of my work through photography. It is a combined service of makeup and photography which is very convenient for business branding, editorial or personal purposes.

I am very passionate about my work and I look forward to every appointment in my schedule. I have built relationships with all of my clients and I like to consider them friends. I am blessed to do what I love and meet such wonderful people along the way.


My original Bianca Artistry business plan involved Makeup only. This changed quickly at the start of 2020. I was unable to provide makeup services due to the pandemic and decided to pivot by moving my business in a different direction. I began offering abstract, acrylic painting on canvas.

It is difficult for me to put a label on my paint creations but I like to think I am inspired by art movements such as abstract expressionism, symbolism and figurative art. Each piece I create is inspired by an idea, belief, dream or fantasy. Cosmology and astronomy have always fascinated me and so I love to incorporate aspects of the universe into my paintings as well.

Painting has invigorated me with a new burst of creative motivation. I am overflowing with ideas and I am thrilled to continue sharing the work I produce.