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Beauty Photography



Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography is a genre of photography that involves shooting up close images of subjects that highlight their features for editorial, commercial or personal purposes. This service is conveniently combined with a Makeup Application, so you are looking your best for your photo session. Beauty photography can include images that focus on artistry, cosmetic trends, hairstyles, skincare, wellness and fashion.


Refers to a regular makeup application with an extended time slot.  During this appointment we will discuss preparation for the wedding day as well as perfecting the makeup look the bride is trying to achieve. This will give the bride confidence in my artistry. Trials are for Brides who have already booked with me.

I aim to book Bridal Trials during my “off wedding season” from November-April. I also try to book a trial no more than 6months in advance of the wedding.

This application can take up to 1.5 hours.

Clients must arrive with a clean face, free of makeup for their appointment.


Refers to the use of liquid, cream or powder foundations that are applied with professional brushes or sponges. Regular makeup application has light to full coverage options and a variety of foundation formulations for all skin types.

I will travel on location within Thunder Bay for wedding parties of 4+. If the party/group is located outside of city limits there will be a fee for mileage. For individual appointments, I ask that clients come to my location so I can maximize productivity. 

This application takes approximately 1hr.

Clients must arrive with a clean face, free of makeup for their appointment.

I do not accept wedding parties more than 1 year in advance. My books for the following year will open roughly 1yr in advance during the months of January-February. I will respond to requests in the order they were received. Upon booking, I will send my contract and gather the information required to properly schedule. Once I receive the signed and completed contract and the wedding retainer, I will secure the date in my schedule. 


Refers to makeup that is designed to be subtle in application. The makeup will simply even skin tone, cover break-outs and eliminate shine where needed. 

This application takes 30 minutes plus 15 minutes of clean time.


Refers to very basic, minimal application with the intention of adding a pop of colour. Children already have beautiful fresh faces so skin coverage is unnecessary. The only makeup applied will be the addition of light colour to the cheeks, lips and eyes.


Refers to makeup that is out of the ordinary, involving artistic flare and creativity. This may include dramatic makeup design, face and body paint or special effects products. 

Clients are responsible for providing or covering the cost of props, outfits, accessories or prosthetics that I do not already own. Pricing and allotted time will vary depending on the request. 

This service may be beneficial to those working in the film industry, television or commercial photography in Thunder Bay. I am willing to travel outside of Thunder Bay for this service as well. 



This service provides clients with the opportunity to learn about the skin care, products and techniques used in my regular applications.

During a lesson the client is able to watch as I apply makeup and explain every step of the process including the product I am using, where it is applied and why. I will match skin tones with my foundation and concealer line so they may purchase their unique shade if they desire to do so. I provide a face guide sheet for my client so they can write down any products they are interested in. This guide sheet can then be brought to one of our local beauty retail stores in Thunder Bay, where a customer service representative or beauty consultant can quickly gather the products needed.

This service takes approximately 2 hrs.

Clients must arrive with a clean face, free of makeup for their appointment.

Disclaimer: clients must state whether they have allergies to ingredients commonly found in makeup and skin care. Bianca Artistry is not liable for allergic reactions if not made aware of these allergies.


I always require that clients arrive without makeup. If a client arrives with makeup I have the right to cancel the appointment if makeup removal and facial cleansing will run me behind for my next appointment. 



Bianca Artistry only travels on location for wedding parties or groups.

Individual appointments must come to our location.

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