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Privacy Policy

Bianca Artistry is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its employees, supporters, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Bianca Artistry values the trust of those it deals with, and of the public, and recognizes that maintaining this trust requires that Bianca Artistry be transparent and accountable in how it treats the information that individuals choose to share with our organization.

This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and why we collect it, how we use that information, how the confidentiality of this information is protected, and how you can find out what personal information is recorded.



What personal information does Bianca Artistry collect?

Bianca Artistry collects and maintains different types of personal information about individuals with whom it interacts. The collection of personal information is limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by Bianca Artistry.

This information includes:

• Contact and identification information, such as a person’s full name, home address, telephone number(s), and email address(es);
• Another Individual – information we request, or that an individual provides, about an individual other than themselves (e.g., spousal information and employer information). If the individual provides us with information about another individual, they must have the authority to provide this information and to allow us to collect, use and/or disclose such information in accordance with this privacy policy.
• Other personal information used for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.

When an individual visits the Bianca Artistry website, our organization also collects aggregate data to better understand how our website is used, to make sure our information and dynamic content are served correctly, and to improve the performance of our site for our users, particularly the way search pages are delivered. Further information is available below under the heading “Cookies”.

Why does Bianca Artistry collect personal information?

The main reasons Bianca Artistry collects information from individuals are to:
• Collect information such as name, address, phone number, email addresses, etc. 

How does Bianca Artistry use personal information?

Bianca Artistry does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual or as permitted or required by law.


Third-party service providers may be engaged by Bianca Artistry to perform a variety of functions, including mailing our communications, fulfilling an individual’s order, and providing technical services for our website. These third-party providers may have access to personal information, if needed, to perform the functions for which they are retained. However, Bianca Artistry directs that those companies may only use such personal information for the purpose of performing their roles and may not use it for any other purpose or further disclose anyone’s personal information. Some of our third-party service providers are located outside of Canada and may be subject to the laws of the foreign jurisdiction in which they are located. In all cases, when personal information is shared with third-party service providers, Bianca Artistry will demand reasonable assurance that third parties will protect your information in conformity with our privacy practices.


Bianca Artistry takes reasonable effort to keep personal information accurate, complete, and as up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes that are being used. Individuals are permitted to check on the accuracy of their personal information and may make, or request, modifications or corrections, if necessary. 


Our website is operated by Bianca Artistry for the benefit of our supporters and other stakeholders.

Personal information, such as email addresses and financial information, collected through the Bianca Artistry website is knowingly and specifically supplied to our organization by the website user. Bianca Artistry uses password protocols and encryption software to protect the personal and other information it receives when a product or service is requested and/or paid for online.


Like many other websites, Bianca Artistry uses cookies to better understand how our website is used, to make sure our information and dynamic content are served correctly, and to improve the performance of our site for our users, particularly the way search pages are delivered. Bianca Artistry does not use cookies to retain personal information about our users, and we do not sell information about our traffic patterns. Aggregated site usage data may be provided to our sponsors and underwriters.


Bianca Artistry regularly reviews its privacy practices for its various activities and updates its Privacy Policy as required. Please check the Bianca Artistry website for the most up-to-date Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy posted at any time or from time to time on the Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay website shall be deemed to be the Privacy Policy then in effect.